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Hellmuth's Thinking Flawed Regarding D.C. iGaming

24 August 2011, By: compncards
Phil Hellmuth Blog 199x300
Phil Hellmuth Blog 199x300

Phil Hellmuth recently told the Washington Post that he didn't feel Washington D.C.'s upcoming iGaming site will be successful.

His primary reasoning was that the site will be unattractive to the typical online pro because the games will likely be all "low-stakes."

Is it me or is Hellmuth's reasoning a bit flawed?

First, it does not matter what site you go on, the majority of online poker players are low-stakes players.

It's true that the high-stakes players and online pros get the majority of the attention and the majority of the railing, but it is the $50 to $200 at a time low-stakes players that keep many of the tables on the sites humming.

And why are we saying the new site will be low stakes? Organizers of the online site have announced that players will be allowed to deposit up to $250 a week maximum on the site to play with.

For professional players, yes, that's a joke amount. The majority of low-stakes and recreational players are perfectly happy with this amount.

Hellmuth and other pros need to remember that while they are the squeakiest wheels when it comes to online poker, they are not the bread and butter.

Every professional could boycott online poker and the sites would still make insane amounts of money. If your $250 and under depositors started jumping ship, online poker would be finished.

Personally, I am interested to see the amount of traffic D.C.'s site cranks out and how many people will flock to the tables.

I suspect that the number will be greater than expected, and most will be perfectly happy playing "low stakes."

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