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Phil Hellmuth Song Bock Volume 1

26 August 2010, By:
He's done it all: Entered the WSOP dressed as a UFC fighter, Julius Caesar and General Patton, written a series of books, created his own line of clothes and even put his name on an energy drink.
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img 5859

The next career move: Phil Hellmuth's song book.

With his heart on his sleeve, Phil has provided us with memorable quotes for over ten years. And just like a professional song writer, his table talk covers every aspect of life.

Love, hate, anger, passion, jealousy...

To celebrate this fine entertainer, Poker Junkie has compiled his best quotes in this song book

So Phil, if you ever want to get in to the music business, which would be the next natural step in your entertainment career, here's a set list for a complete Broadway musical.

This is the soundtrack of your life.

(If you live in Europe you can listen to the songs through Spotify. Click on link under each playlist.)

I Can Dodge Bullets Baby

Listen to I Can Dodge Bullets, Baby

Who Am I?

Listen to Who Am I?

I Am the Matrix

Listen to I Am the Matrix

Wisconsin vs. Northern Europe

Listen to Wisconsin vs. Northern Europe

Spelling P-O-K-E-R

Listen to Spelling P-O-K-E-R

Do They All Want to Go Broke?

Listen to Do They All Want to Go Broke?

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