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Peter Eastgate Sells WSOP Bracelet

16 November 2010, By:
Danish WSOP champion Peter Eastgate is auctioning his WSOP Main Event bracelet on eBay.
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img 6153

Danish WSOP champion Peter Eastgate is auctioning his WSOP Main Event bracelet on eBay.

Now you have the opportunity to win a WSOP Main Event bracelet without risking any bad beats or cold cards.

Just log in to your eBay account, enter your bid and make sure it's the highest.

Then, of course, transfer $16,000 to the seller. At least $16,000, seeing that it's an auction and the prize could sky rocket.

Bracelet impeding Eastgate's hygiene

Why would anyone sell a coveted WSOP bracelet? Well, according to the Danish champion of 2008, "it's just lying around collecting dust".

To be fair, Eastgate adds that he's really proud of his victory but he'll just never wear the bracelet.

"I really don't wear any jewelry."

That may be the most honest attitude vis-à-vis this legendary item that we've ever heard.

Charity ploy

The money that Eastgate receives for the bracelet goes to charity.

The designated receiver of all the money is the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. To avoid any doubts, the Dane uses eBay's built-in Giving functionality to get the money transfered.

WSOP bracelet worth $16,000

The auction* starts at $16,000. That's the minimum price you have to pay to secure a WSOP bracelet.

If you think $16,000 is a bit hefty, you should know that it's actually the estimated value of the sheer materials used to create the bracelet - disregarding any historic or emotional value it may have. Among other things, the bracelet contains 291 diamonds.

We'll stay tuned to see who buys this little piece of glitter. Our best guess? The Devilfish.

PS Last time we checked, the bid was $100,000 !! Soon Eastgate will have doubled his life's earnings...

PPS Peter Eastgate's WSOP bracelet was eventually sold for $147,500 after 116 bids.

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