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Omaha H/L the real deal!

In regular Omaha you are dealt 4 cards. You can only use TWO of your hole cards to make the best hand possible. (there is a flop just like hole'em). But the poker Gods decided to put a twist on omaha and make Omaha H/L also.

30 May 2005

Bluffing as advertising

When you get caught bluffing, you of course lose. However, you may not mind being caught and losing early in a session because you are considering your image for future hands. You may even make all in advised bluff early so that you will get a lot more calls on your legitimate hands the rest of the might.

14 May 2005

Short Handed Play Mistakes

I see countless mistakes being made while players play short handed Limit Hold 'em. People need to learn to adjust there game if they are playing short handed because it's a different game then 10 handed and your starting hand selection must change as well.

10 May 2005

Playing Big Pairs

I have seen many players, in both cash ring games and Sit-n-Go tournaments, get a big pair and play the hand completely wrong. There is no perfect way to play any hand--it all depends on the table you're playing on and your knowledge of how your opponents bet and how they will react to a bet. But there is a very good way to play these big starters.

29 April 2005

Basic Strategies for Fixed Limit Texas Hold 'Em

Most professional poker players will tell you that the game is not about luck but skill, strategy and structure. Want to be a big winner, impress your friends and further your online poker knowledge? Pick up some basic strategies for fixed-limit Texas hold'em poker online, and learn how to get good at this style of play. In hold'em, the limit changes everything about the game. Understanding how to focus your approach to this card game is critical. By taking the time and learning some strategies, you'll be in a better position to start making some serious money.

5 May 2003

Poker Hand Evaluation

Below we've collected some interesting poker hands presented to the PokerJunkie editorial team. They gave their input on how the hand was played and how they would have played it.