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Poker strategy - Pot Control in Omaha

Omaha is a game of draws. Compared to holdem you will find yourself going all-in without a made hand a lot more often. And you will also see your nut hands cracked a lot more frequently.

23 January 2009
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How to Bluff in Poker - A Beginner's Guide to Bluffing

The bluff is an important tool in every successful poker player's arsenal. If you never bluff you will become too predictable. But in order to make successful bluffs you need timing and an understanding of the game and your opponents.

18 November 2008

Starting Hands in Headsup Omaha

Heads-up poker is becoming more and more popular as online poker rooms make heads-up play just a click of the mouse away. Live casinos do not spread heads-up poker, since it is not a good use of a dealer or a table to service just two players, but online poker rooms have no such problems.

5 September 2008

Making Diabolic Reads in Omaha Poker

Reading opponents' cards is an art, but in Omaha you sometimes have extra information that can make you appear almost diabolic in your card reading accuracy.

10 June 2008

Card Counting in Stud

The idea behind counting cards is to create an advantage for determining hands, and calling and raising bets. Counting cards and suits becomes easier with experience, and over time, becomes more and more second nature. This is a great article at There are numerous articles on odds and card counting, but i found this the most helpful.

20 June 2005

Low Limit Omaha

I often talk about how low limit omaha can be very profitable for the good player and the patient one. Here are some tips that will help you with low limit omaha. At the low-limit Omaha Hold'em games, there is easy money if you have the patience. Usually, these games are filled with players who are playing far too loose because everyone thinks that their two-pair is a great hand. The best strategy is to play hands that do well in multi-way pots and bet hard when you have the nuts. Please note: this article is intended for beginners playing low-limit Omaha games where the play tends to be loose and passive. It is not intended for more serious Omaha games.

3 June 2005
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