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What is Cheating on Your Wife Worth? For Tiger, $75 Million

7 March 2010, By: compncards
elin nordegren 275x300
elin nordegren 275x300

Paddy Power Poker recently offered Tiger Woods a sponsorship deal in the amount of $75 Million.  It was a five year deal worth $15 per year.  Woods actually turned down the deal from Paddy Power, prompting TMZ to state “Tiger Woods just blew off a $75 million endorsement offer from an Irish gambling company – and that is how you know you’re rich.”

Cheat on your wife - get offered $75 in endorsements. Maybe Kathy Liebert should have an affair.....

So, just to get this straight, Woods, who has apparently never played a day of pro poker in his life gets offered $75 Million.  What would that tag line have been for his ads?  "Want to score with Tiger Woods?  Join Paddy Power Poker."   Maybe it would have been, "Get your share of Elin's alimony payment.  Only at Paddy Power Poker."  I know, "Less of a gamble than marrying Tiger Woods - Play at Paddy Power Poker."

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  • compncards 12/03/2010 12:02am (11 years ago) $350 Million is going to hurt him when he has been making $100 Million a year for however long he has been in the PGA. He signed a $100 Million deal the day he turned pro. Tiger turned down a $75 Million deal to represent the poker site. While it is primarily a sports book, the deal was with Paddy Power POKER. Nothing was even hinted about a deal before all of this garbage with his wife. While I have no proof that it wouldn't have been offered anyway, it is interesting that it is offered to him at this time. All of this doesn't matter. Tiger will come back, win, and get any "lost" money back. As if he needs to get them back, but anywho.

  • Joseph 11/03/2010 5:52pm (11 years ago)

    Hello? Think for a second!!! It wasn't to play poker! Paddy Power is PRIMARILY a sports book. Also, cheating on his wife will cost Tiger somewhere in the neighborhood of 350$ million. Not an amusing post because its far from the truth