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Welcome to Bizarro World

10 March 2010, By: compncards
bizarroworld 300x294
bizarroworld 300x294

Phil Hellmuth is a cash game genius, T.J. Clouiter wins consistently at craps, and Kathy Liebert is the top pro on Full Tilt Poker.  After my last few days of playing online, I am convinced that the prior statements are indeed true as I think I have officially moved into bizarro world.

Why am I in bizarro world?  First, I can't seem to win at HORSE or Stud 8.  These are my best game and yet, I am running poorly.  Of course, I am taking some insane beats, such as starting with Aces-up twice against the same player and he catch running trips on board, or a made eight on fifth in against a person holding J-9-7-6-5 and then I lose to a seven low by the river.

However, I cannot seem to lose in NL Holdem, and specifically NL cash games.  I have only lost one session I have played in the last few days and that is only cause I got timed out.  I bought back in a bit later and tripled my stack in five minutes.  I don't play a ton of NL cash games, but I will be the first to admit that I am running like God right now.  For example, earlier tonight, I had Ad-Jd and the flop fell Kd-Qd-10d.  I check-called the flop only to have two players push against me on the turn.

Vanessa Rousso then called me and asked me out on a date. Apparently, her and Chad Brown are on the rock and she needs fresh blood.  She asked if Shannon Elizabeth could come along.  Phil Ivey then called me up and asked if I wanted to go out on the town.  I took Vanessa and Shannon with us and we all hit the town.

Hey, if I am in bizarro world, I might as well live it up right?  I love playing mixed games, but for now I guess I will be playing more NL cash since that is where I am making money.  (As much as I hate saying that.)

Disclaimer:  Everything that happened above, except for my poker playing, is fiction, Vanessa Rousso did not call me for a date nor Phil call me for night on the town.  Of course, you probably figured this when I said that Hellmuth was a cash game genius.....

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