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Too Many "Big Pot" Recaps

23 October 2010, By: compncards

Is it me, or does there seem to be a lot more articles talking about this player or that player taking down a big pot or they won a couple hundred thousand, etc.   Now, I understand some of the articles that are involving big time players like Daniel Negreanu winning a decent amount on a Televised poker show.  That is more or less a show review with an angle.  However, what is up with telling us about xyz player winning a 100k pot on PokerStars or Full Tilt.

Big money pots are common in high stakes games.  That is a fact.  However, do these big pots really deserve articles?  Is there really so little going on in the poker world that you have to report on these pots?

If someone wins $700k or more in a session, that is something newsworthy.  If Isildur1 drops a Million in a session, that is newsworthy.  If someone breaks the record for single largest pot online, that is newsworthy.  However, someone winning a $120k pot is not that big a deal at these stakes.

It could be worse.  It could be a blog post complaining about people writing articles about $120k pots.  Oh wait...too late.

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  • Charlie River 25/10/2010 1:39pm (10 years ago)

    Totally agree. I'll even go further: Where are all the exciting pieces on this or that player's VP$iP/PFR stats? Showdowns are nothing but an emergent phenomenon of players' strategies. The tip of the iceberg.