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Subject:Poker Owner Claims He Does Not Like Poker

15 September 2011, By: compncards
Hate Poker 300x300
Hate Poker 300x300

Subject:Poker has come under a lot of fire lately as the result of an article claiming the US Department of Justice was going to bring charges against the Merge Gaming Network.

One of their harshest critics has been Gerry Poltorak. He published an article basically trashing the article's content and even went so far as to call the writer of the article a coward.

A follow-up article was published that exposed a Skype conversation between Poltorak and a man claiming to be Subject:Poker's source.

Noah Stephens-Davidowitz has stepped forward and taken credit for publishing the article on Subject:Poker and did so claiming he was doing so to help the poker community.

However, he also made a statement that has me somewhat curious about his true intentions behind Subject:Poker.

Part of the post he made on TwoPlusTwo Forums stated the following:

"Let me explain who I am. I am a person who wants the hell out of the poker world. I stopped playing poker over a year ago. I've lost touch with most of my poker friends.

"I have no real money-making opportunities in the poker world that I'm comfortable taking. (I've turned down offers from online poker sites to advertise on the site.)

"I don't really like poker anymore, and I'm embarassed when people ask me what I'm doing with my life and I tell them that I run some website that they've never heard of that makes no money.

"I have plans to do other things outside of the poker world, and Subject: Poker is in the way."

When I first read this part, the first thing I thought was "are you kidding me?"

For someone that doesn't like poker, you certainly spend a lot of time tied to it.

So why are you doing it then? You claimed in the same post that you find yourself in a unique position to get information out there.

But why? What's in it for you?

When I ran a mortgage data collection business, I hated the job after about a year or so but I stayed with it because the money was good.

It paid off my house, gave me a great income and allowed me a great lifestyle. It provided a benefit, so I stayed with it.

So what benefit is there to continue to doing this, especially if you claim you have no money-making opportunities?

Is Noah trying to do harm to the poker world? Some tried to argue that fact with the Subject:Poker article, but they are mostly doing it because he didn't provide his source.

Had he done so, people would be singing his praises more so than the die hard fans already do.

So why continue? If you really want to get out of poker and want to get away, all you have to do is put up a "thanks, but I have decided to go in a different direction" type of post and move on.

I don't believe Noah when he claims he does not like poker. To me there is too much evidence to the contrary.

Also, why spend the time he does defending himself and his site? Is his ego so big that he can't handle criticism, or does he actually care?

I think he still cares about the game. He doesn't play anymore. Ok, that is fine. I don't exactly play much myself.

Noah, you do too much and spend too much time surrounding yourself in the poker world to pass off a statement that you really do not like poker.

Unless there is something that is seriously benefiting you, it doesn't make any sense.

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