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Some Online Players Go Both Ways

1 March 2010, By: compncards
Cyndy 198x300
Cyndy 198x300

Tonight, I was railing Sunday Night HORSE on Full Tilt like I always do every Sunday night. (I write up the final table for another site.) Anyway, Cyndy Violette decided to stop by and wish Ryon "7cardRyoff" Nicholson good luck at the final table. Another player at the final table, davidmfio, decided that he would take the chance to try and get her number. (And who can blame him. That's one MILF, I'd like to F.)

This is how the conversation went down:

Cyndy Violette (Observer): hi

7cardRyoff: hey CV

Cyndy Violette (Observer): kool looks like fun

7cardRyoff: next week

davidmfio: cyndy can i have your numer 2nd time in a row i final tabled this

MarMoss: lol

Cyndy Violette (Observer): lol

davidmfio: i bubbled stuart last week

Cyndy Violette (Observer): oh

MarMoss: that might qualify too

7cardRyoff: won this twice last sept.

7cardRyoff: whats that get me

davidmfio: you want my number

I really don't think davidmfio cares, he just wants someone's number.

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