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So, I Was Wrong

26 November 2009, By: compncards
US Capitol 300x218
US Capitol 300x218

"December 1st is approaching and the UIGEA enforcement will commence. I am not even going to say it is scheduled to commence as I fully believe that it will get there. There will be no delays. A "Hail Mary" bill will not be signed in time to stop the banks."

Ok, so I was wrong. It looks like there will indeed be a delay of the UIGEA enforcement. Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts is scheduled to announced Friday that Timothy Geithner has granted the Poker Players Alliance's petition to delay the UIGEA.

Joe Brennan of the IMEGA stated "It's really surprising we got this concession. It's very unusual for any department of the government to essentially forestall an act of Congress. This is a testament to the power of Congressmen Frank. This has been his pet issue, because it is part of his core values, for some time now. If Barney Frank was not an advocate, this does not get done regardless of the efforts of the PPA and the banking industry."

I agree. This is very unusual that they got this concession at the last minute and seemingly with very little warning. One has to wonder if some significant breakthrough has been made that hasn't been voiced. Hopefully that is the case, but even if that is just wishful thinking, this delay will hopefully lead to future good news regarding the overturning of the UIGEA.

While I am not a cockeyed optimist, the suddenness of this development has me and a lot of poker player hopeful. Official word still hasn't come out regarding the delay, and it is still just a delay. Six months from now, we could be faced with the same looming deadline.

So, I was wrong. Online Poker's "Doomsday" gets a reprieve. For now.

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