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Shocking News - Survey by Pro-Poker Groups Show Poker Players Support Legalized Poker

30 January 2012, By: compncards
Poker Thumbs Up 399x300
Poker Thumbs Up 399x300

I just read an article about a survey that US Gaming Survey did in conjunction with the Poker Players Alliance. 

The survey had around 8,000 respondents and included poker players primarily in the 30 to 60 year range.

The survey produced the following results. I’ll paraphrase:

  • Most poker players don’t play the lottery

  • Many poker players quit playing online after Black Friday

  • 70% of poker players don’t care where they play if it is legal

  • Poker is a game of skill

  • Most people spend less than $100 a week on poker.

  • Online players spend less than live casino players

  • Gee, poker lobbyist and poker supporter put out a survey saying that people who play poker like poker.  Shocking

  • Players quit playing after Black Friday because *insert company here* still has their money

  • How many of those 70% were playing on UB pre-Black Friday? Saying you don’t care doesn’t mean much to me.

  • Poker = skill game. We know this. Tell us something new.

  • A lot of players wish they had $100 a week to spend on poker. This is not new news either.

  • Comparing online player spending to what live casino players spend is like comparing high school football to the NFL. They are not the same.

  • Third party association with no ties to casinos, gambling, or any poker lobbying organization

  • Do players fully understand the tax implications, including self-employment taxes, etc?

  • Are they willing to give up many of the freedoms associated with online poker of the past, such as PTP transfers, having a company report on their win-loss yearly etc?

  • Are they prepared for a potential higher cost of poker that will likely come with legalization since states will be taking their cut?

  • Will they give up rakeback in order to play poker legally?

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