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Prop Betting Hands

4 August 2009, By: compncards
2009421333 217x300
2009421333 217x300

Ultimate Bet recently started up their 7-2 tables where players put up money into a side pot and if someone at the table wins a hand with 7-2, they win this bonus pot. Many of you have probably seen side bets on television on High Stakes Poker involving 7-2 and now players have the chance to test their poker skills with this new format.

That got me to thinking about some potentially interesting side bets:

Queen-3. There should a side pot for the queen trey. However, in order to win the whole pot, you must be gay AND a waiter. Exceptions to be made for the band Queen and the Queen of England. Also, if your name just happens to be Queen, then you are eligible.

Sailboats. If you with a hand with sailboats (pocket fours) you win a boat ride or a cruise.

Hooks. This could get really creative. Jack’s Link Beef Jerky had a promo at the WSOP if you won a hand with quad jacks, you got a prize. I say that if you won the hand with quad jacks, you are eligible for anything from fishing supplies to a copy of Hook on Dvd. If the hand is won by a hooker playing the hooks, then the prize is doubled.

Walking Sticks. If you are over the age of 65 and you win a hand with walking sticks (pocket sevens), then you are eligible for a lifetime supply of denture cream or Dr Scholl’s insoles.

69. I would tell you what you could win with this hand, but soliciting sex is illegal in most states. (However, go to a brothel in Nevada and they will be more than happy to honor this “promotion.”

Playing strong hands is so passé. It’s time to spice it up a little. What are some of your idea’s for prop bets.

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