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PokerStars Replies to Question on Audits

6 April 2010, By: Charlie River

I had a reply from Joanne at regarding my blog about PokerStars auditing the RNG.

Since when do cute little fur balls come with a doom switch?

    • This one looked at all-in hands.

    • And this player looked at 100,000 hands to analyse card distribution.


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  • JamesDaBear 06/04/2010 6:11pm (11 years ago)

    So PokerStars is a cute fluffy puppy.... and other poker sites are pitbulls? Way to turn a well-written rebuttal to the conspiracy theorists into an advertisement and opposition-bashing vehicle. You should have left that last part out.

  • compncards 06/04/2010 2:59pm (11 years ago) problem with her analogy with McDonalds. Their burgers are NOT 100% beef. Many are soy....