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PokerStars Replies to Question on Audits

6 April 2010, By: Charlie River

I had a reply from Joanne at regarding my blog about PokerStars auditing the RNG.

Since when do cute little fur balls come with a doom switch?

    • This one looked at all-in hands.

    • And this player looked at 100,000 hands to analyse card distribution.


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  • me 05/08/2012 2:09pm (9 years ago)

    it isn't that these sites are rigged...
    they just don't work, they are in fact a complete disaster
    if a large scale audit was even done it would end this industry the second the results came in, and that is why it has never been done

    online poker despite being hopelessly flawed has served it's purpose well, millions of fish are hooked
    the best thing that could happen for real poker now is a global ban on this nonsense, thus forcing all these online players to put money on real world tables where it will be very quickly taken off them

    that would be so sweet, one can dream...

  • adam wright 28/07/2012 4:35pm (9 years ago)

    hahahahahaha what a fucking bunch of morons at pokerstars cute little puppies my fucking arsehole if you email pokerstars about the rng been fixed all you get is the same old shitty pre automated emails time and time aagain. pokerstars is in fact no doubt about it 100% rigged but not in the way people assume. its all about equitable distribuition meaning that evrything dished out is dishedf out fairly. but no doubt about it ur stats come into play to cut a long story short the higher the win rate the more chance you have of winning . every game ivce checked ive noticed chip leaders win more than 80% of all ins. no doubt you will get a hand if you not hit or not been in normally one in 10. everything has to be equal on pokerstars i havent got a clue why because shaniac aabenjaminaa acoimbra isildur1 are all tearing the arse out of it day in day out day in day out what a fucking joke the worst of it is they multi table no less than 15 at at tim and they hit the payouts everytime. stats free available you can check anyounes official poker free sign up). why does pokerestars not allow poker player to use poker edge software4??? because it reveals the truth. they have the right people in right place to hide the right thing but the one thing it doesent hide is the truth its blatently in front of them in black and white they get played at every table in black and white every game every hand and they still deny it. so they say its not rigged clap clap clap anyone can say that so why cant pokerstars in all the years of complaints and audites show us just on shred of proof that its NOT fixed??? they cant they wont and they never will. pokerstars needs a whole new refurb. why do you think they dont have landline for us to ask questions but yet theyre a multi million pound industry.

  • John 13/06/2012 5:09pm (9 years ago)

    I have been stars for a while recently played other sites aswell I have noticed that big hands stand up alot more on other sites. I read it somewhere that favours the players who joined up early when the site first opened. I wonder how much is in that.

  • Matt 06/06/2012 5:55pm (9 years ago)

    The thing I find with Stars, apart fom the obvious everybody gets a hand at the same time bollocks and flushes or staight draws always make it, is that the 'luck' seems top favour the playes with the most star ratings, ie the players that spend the most amount of raked money on the site.

    If I'm in a touney, as I was last night, pick up KK in a six-seater under the gun, raise get repopped by a player with 5stars, most of the time he'll have AA, if he doesn't his range can be anything from A10-AK, 66-QQ, it doesn't matter, i'm losing all my chips.

    The amount of action hands and runner-runners is ridiculous, even in the cash games.

    Big hands don't hold up, so the usual way of playing is impossible on Stars, if you wait for big hands, even dominating hands (another example after the bubble of a 20k guanteed, all-in , my AQ vs villains AJ, river...well you know what the river).

    The only options for Stars players is just to play trash because they win-out the majority of the time or close your account and play elesewhere.

  • braddaz26 28/05/2012 1:03pm (9 years ago)

    rng pfft pokertars knows no such thing, the most suspicious thing about pokerstars is if you have pictures u can guarantee the next person has higher and someone else has lower. pckets come consecutive if i have pockets so do three other people but the person who raises is guaranteed the hand. pokerstars is rigged full stop stop there is no disputing that and anyone whos says different doesent know their head from their arse. pokerstars has automated emails so when yo ask them questions about the integrity of their site so many time s they cant answer your question because theres
    only so many times you can send the same email. i have emailed pokersatsr on 40 different occasions asking about their site after the 10th i have had no reply. lol an they supposedly value me as a customer pahahahah not at all far from it. when i asked pokertsars about suspicious software bein run on pokerstars they avoided my question and aswered it with a clip of the so called moon lading hahah if i wanted to see that i would of just gone on youtube but errm to be fair love ime asking about your site and poker. pokerstars cannot and will not be able to remove any players who use software to manipulate cards or the shuffle FULL STOP the only thing they can do is ban caught players. isnt it funny how pplayers like daniel negreu aabenjaminaa viktor blom and all the other pokerstars team can hit payouts everyday every week every year and thats not suspicious?? pokerstars considering they are a multi billion pound company dont ever have customer service enquiry numbers but yet they claim to put so much into making sure there site integrity check i dont think so get someone at a desk with a telephone hearing it from someones mouth that your site isnt rigged is a lot better than reading the same old bullshit pre written email that you have sent to the majority of your site excluding your pokerstars team because they just get the chance to win anyway. to play on pokerstars you dont have to know how to play poker you haveto know how to play pokerstars PATTERN. like this page we voice our concerns on here but by the looks of it pokerstars doesent even bother to reply on here considering the fact that anyoune wanting to protect their valuable players peace of mind and they dont even want to do that a mean come on where is all the fairness it just doesent exist for any of us

  • matt 22/05/2012 12:15pm (9 years ago)

    The amount of runner runner straights or runner runner flushes vs a made set on the flop is just way to high, and whats with all the 3 outers, it's just crazy. I play mostly MTT SNG'S and the showdowns I've been seeing is beyond anything i have ever and I mean ever seen in a live game. Swear to god the dominated hand is a favorite on this site. Cute puppy LOL, more like a venomous snake.

  • Poker Stars Daily Player 15/12/2010 2:56pm (10 years ago)

    One day later! I was playing in a free roll this morning and low and behold I got pocket Aces. I called my wife over to the computer to watch them get beat. Blinds at 15 / 30 raised to 280 I was reraised all in by two players. One with a K-5 off suite one with 8-9 suited. Flop K-3-5, beat yet again! Come on Poker Stars, what gives????

  • Poker Stars Daily Player 15/12/2010 3:39am (10 years ago)

    I play on Poker Stars daily and have been playing live poker weekly for 8 years and the crap that I see on this site is nothing like real odds. Not only do I get pocket aces more frequently, but they don't seem to hold up anywhere near the 84% that she says the study shows. The last 15 times I have started out with pocket aces (and raised at least 4 times the big blind or more) they have only held up around 4 times. I just got knocked out of a free roll with one caller 8 - 3 suited, flop one diamond, turn diamond they river..... you don't even want to know! It has been a running joke that every time I get pocket aces I call my wife to the computer so she can watch them get beat and it happens a good 75% of the time. So in closing I play the site for fun and practice. No more real money, free rolls only! I can say internet poker does help my live game, so I guess I can thank Poker Stars for that????????

  • Kim K 09/12/2010 3:54pm (10 years ago)

    Nice post, kind of drawn out though. Really good subject matter though.

  • JrMontana08 03/12/2010 5:43pm (10 years ago)

    @ Romi: you're a fish. You have no idea about math and most of the other people have no clue either..
    Losing players never learn from their mistakes and can't improve simply because of their ego.

    All I can say is:
    Thanks for your money, I'm using it for good. LOL

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