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PokerStars and Caesars Become the New Super Powers of Poker

18 February 2015, By: compncards
WWF SuperPowers 430x241
WWF SuperPowers 430x241

If you can't beat them, join into a partnership to take on your biggest enemy.

At least that is what has happened between Caesars and PokerStars.

In case you missed it, Caesars Entertainment has reversed their opinion regarding PokerStars operating in the United States.

Caesars now supports an Amaya-run PokerStars and thinks that the door should be open to them to operate.

On Tuesday, a partnership was announced between Amaya and Caesars where the companies will work together to lobby for online poker legislation in the United States.

If we were to equate this to a pro wrestling tag-team, PokerStars and Caesars are now The Super Powers. For those that don't remember the Super Powers, that was the tag team formed by Hulk Hogan and the late Macho Man Randy Savage.

The Super Powers were the greatest individual wrestlers in the WWF (now WWE) at that time and Caesars and PokerStars are arguably two of the greatest gaming companies in the world.

The new alliance was formed with one clear vision in mind, stop RAWA and its creator Sheldon Adelson.

Caesars made it clear that Adelson is the threat to online poker in the United States and not PokerStars.

For once, someone is getting it right. Adelson and his cronies have proven to be the biggest threat in the history of online poker and it will take a meeting of the minds to stop him.

The political pull of Caesars combined with the branding of PokerStars is a formidable combination that lawmakers must now consider.

Prior to this alliance, it was easy to pile onto PokerStars and point to their past despite their sale to Amaya. Now with Caesars backing them, it is hard for lawmakers to push them aside, especially in states where Caesars operates.

Personally, I don't see this partnership having any immediate benefit for online poker legislation in California and for other states potentially considering the matter in 2015.

The potential of this partnership is long-term in its ability to lobby at the state and national level. A Caesars supporter PokerStars has a shot in the United States and could be a move that gives some lawmakers added incentive to vote against RAWA.

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