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22 October 2009, By: compncards
PokerPages 300x208
PokerPages 300x208

In just over a week, will officially close its doors. The announcement was made earlier in the month, although it did not come as a big surprise. The economy has hit many online poker sites hard, and it is not surprising that one of the big news sites would eventually fail.

Personally, I am sad to see the site go. PokerPages was more than just a news site. It was also a great resource, especially when it came to tournament tracking. If you are a live tournament player and have cashed in an event, PokerPages was one of the places that you were guaranteed to be listed.

PokerPages also had their own playing ranking system. Their system was in two divisions. The first, the ProRank1 division, was one that tracked events with a buy-in of $1,000 and greater. The other division, or ProRank2, was for everything else. I was fortunate enough to finish in the top 500 for ProRank2 in 2007. While the top 500 in ProRank2 doesn’t sound like much, the division did track nearly 30,000 players. Something like that was nice to able to point out to your buddies and family.

I first started using the site back when I started playing in live events in 2006 and regularly used it until recently. Recently, the site really had not been updated properly and the tournament section had not been updated in weeks. Of course, the announcement on October 1st was why.

PokerPages has had some great people work with them over the years. One of my favorite people from there was Kaeline Minton. She was a tournament reporter for them and I met her first in 2007 at Stars and Stripes. She was gracious enough to give me some press in her coverage. Later in 2008 when I started working in poker media, she helped me out in my first ever tournament I covered in New Orleans. I was working for a rival site, but she was nice enough to point out people to me and even showed me some tricks that she used. Kae was a great resource and I hope another site picks her up for tournament reporting.

I do realize that I am using space on PokerJunkie to blog about PokerPages, but I think it is important that we remember all of our predecessors and colleagues, especially when they are no longer with us. PokerJunkie has been fortunate enough to stay afloat while PokerPages is no longer with us. I truly hope someone will come along and take the site over so that the poker world does not lose a great resource.

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