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Poker Revenues Epic Fail and a Poker Reality Show? WTF!

10 September 2009, By: compncards

Poker is not feeling the effects of the recession like other industries. To this PartyPoker and 888 Holdings have this to say, "Epic Fail!" Earning for both companies are off huge so far this year. PartyPoker is down 29% over earnings from last year and 888 Pacific Poker is down 35% compared to last year.

Granted, both sites do not allow U.S. players and that is a big chunk of money that neither site is able to capitalize on. A lot of players are also beginning to shift to other sites to find high stakes action. Of course, those wanting nosebleed stakes hop over to Full Tilt.

With that being said, both sites parent companies were down 6.5% and 13% respectively for total earnings. What does this mean? It means that while the economy is down, people are still willing to gamble. PartyPoker obviously hopes that the new partnership with the WPT will help draw in new business. 888 has recently introduced a new version of their software and they will be launching a new poker reality show soon called "Poker Ashes." Apparently, online qualifiers get to play poker against rugby players.

Wait...what? Some of my UK and Aussie readers need to help me out here. Is rugby really that big where people will flock for a chance to play poker with them? I could understand if they were flocking to play with pros, but rugby?

I know here in the U.S., I don't see people lining up to go on a reality show to play poker against NFL or MLB stars. Wait a minute, there was Pro's vs. Joe's, but that was a physical sporting reality show.

I really grow weary with reality shows. I want another reality show like "The Joe Schmo Show." That was a great parody of reality shows. Maybe we could make a poker reality show called "Kill Phil." No wait, we would get sued for copywrite infringement. Damn, I wanted to blow up Phil Gordon too... :-)

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