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PitBull Poker Dead - Good Luck Getting Your Money

30 September 2009, By: compncards
pitbull muzzle wire 300x286
pitbull muzzle wire 300x286

Pitbull Poker is indeed dead. A couple of days ago, fellow Poker Junkie Glen posted a comment on my last post about the troubled site stating that he has not received any of the $7,600 of the bankroll he had on the site. The day he posted this, I found the following on 2+2 forums posted by "former" Network Manager Dave Brenes:

hey guys!

I’m Dave Brenes… I am only returning for one last post… several weeks ago Kevin Baronowski took away the login to 2+2 from me and since then I stopped following up on the threads as per his request. Tonight one of the people at Pitbull called me in at 3am… Kevin and Jordan were trying to take out the computers and leave without saying anything!!!

I’m effectively not working for Pitbull obviously, but I just wanted to tell you that Pitbull is over… we will make sure things come out clear. I was led to believe many things from the inside and seems it kicked me back in the butt. From where I see it now, Kevin is capable of anything, and I doubt he will pay players or employees by now.

Kevin and Jordan were taken by the local police thanks to the quick reaction of fellow co-workers who were suspecting foul play and arrived at the office after hours to find them taking out computers and equipment from the offices. I must say my computer was taken before they could arrive so it is lost pretty much.

I want you to know that while I was at Pitbull I only did my job and follow the instructions given, and I was not fully aware of the real situation, however I would say Kevin is really a scammer.

Thank you all and I hope you have a good night

Dave has confirmed that Pitbull Poker is indeed offline. Kevin Baronowski and another business partner by the name of Jordan tried to take the computer out of the company offices in the middle of the night but employees on-site called Costa Rican authorities.

Later, Dave posted the following:

Hi guys,

I know you wonder if it is me or not. Let me say this:

Kevin was taken for interrogation as many people at the scene claimed he was trying to leave without notice, but he was released.

I was never a director of the company, just a pawn in their game and until yesterday I realized they were using my name to front PB here and I truly believed everything they said. I don't know if there was truth of just plain lies in everything, it is very recent to know for sure but I know they tried to rip us off by leaving us blank with no job, payment or anything.

I felt necessary to post as my name was at stake a long time ago and I trusted Kevin would do what it takes to keep the company clean and show everyone we were legit. I guess that was my real mistake, although questions were asked I never went deep into the company operations to find out what really was lying beneath.

I truly hope it gets resolved for players and affiliates left with pending payouts, I have my own financial issues with them and I just want to get out of this mess soon, move on and get a new job to continue my studies.

Thanks all for reading.


It appears that PitBull Poker is indeed through. The odd thing is that as of this afternoon, players are able to login to the site and a couple have been able to process a withdrawal request. There are rumors that the site will try and continue to run the casino side of the gaming and drop poker, but for now, it appears that Pitbull Poker is done.

Whether or not players and affiliates will get money remains to be seen. Check out 2+2 and PokerNewsDaily to keep up with this as they are the main ones following this right now.

If you are on the site and can log in, go ahead and try to process a payment. Otherwise, the only thing I can recommend is to talk with Costa Rican authorities.

I will say this in closing, you need to be really careful about signing up with new poker sites. Personally, I would never put / keep any significant amount of money on a poker site. The most I have on any one site at any time is around $1,000 and I have 200 or less on several sites. If I run it up too much, I start taking money off. This way, I don't have to worry about having my money locked up.

New sites are a risk, especially small ones. Keep you risks to a minimum in the future and start taking money off when you can. I know it may be a pain, but you may not end up like our fellow junkie Glen that seems to be out $7k.

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  • James 08/11/2009 7:43am (11 years ago)

    I would just like to say I was owed $4,000 from Pitbull,I sent 18 e-mail request for payouts, not a single reply, they are just doing thatto front,because they are still making money off the site by flying banners for other casinos,I don't get it, the heat is on them and they are still usingfraud and theft by deception to make money ,and getting away with it,I certainly think Costa Rica law enforcement whould see this as a slap in the face,also would think they would realize by not taking action,it could create a huge hardship on the places that are liget,it has to throw a red flag to gamming people,and make them think you can do anything in Costa Rica, and get away with it,because nobody hold them accountable for there actions.

  • compncards 14/10/2009 7:09pm (12 years ago)

    That's a common issue. One guy over at 2+2 is trying to go a legal route against them, but I don't know how successful he will be. There is a link on the site now where you can request a payout from what I hear, but I don't have any idea if you will get paid. At least it is only $41. There are people out of as much as 100k on that site. It's really sick.

  • Fedor 13/10/2009 3:57pm (12 years ago)

    they have not replied to me either, fortunately i had just there $20

  • GeneYuss 12/10/2009 2:53am (12 years ago)

    That sucks. I have $41 in there..Should have withdrew it before.. Lost $16 in Duplicate Poker too. Not much but still sucks.

    Do you know who I can contact at Pitbull Poker? Their support are not replying.