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Nolan Dalla's Warning About an Online Poker Ban Should Not Be Ignored

22 February 2015, By: compncards
Online Poker Ban
Online Poker Ban

Rewind to late 2013 when Sheldon Adelson announced that he was going to form a Coalition to Stop Intenet Gambling.

Many in the poker community scoffed at the audacity of the man and many felt that he had little to no chance of winning.

Then RAWA appeared and again people scoffed at Adelson.

RAWA didn't go away and by the time the Lame Duck rolled around, and all of a sudden, he was a credible threat.

He didn't win, but he also didn't go away.

Now it is 2015 and another form of RAWA is being floated in Congress, again with some trying to scoff Adelson.

I'd like to take a moment and ask you to head over to and read the article titled Ten Reasons Why Online Poker Could Get Outlawed.

I've known Nolan for a few years, dating back to my first media gig with PokerNews. I've always found him to be a straight shooter and this article is as honest a take on the chances of RAWA's passing as anything I've seen.

Some of you will stick your fingers in your ears and chant or dismiss the article as pompous and fear mongering. However, Adelson has proven to be a formidable opponent with a legitimate shot at winning.

Do I want to see online poker banned? Of course not. That's a stupid question to ask.

Do I believe he's right? I've said since December 2013 that Adelson was not to be taken lightly, so yes, I think he may be right.

Of course, politics is a fickle business and the impact of the PokerStars - Caesars coalition is yet to be determined.

Three months from now, things could change to the point where RAWA is dead and we're talking about which states are passing.

However, we could as well be talking Doomsday.

It's too soon to say for "absolute certainty," but as Nolan points out, this isn't a problem that's going away without a fight.

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