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Isildur1 Fears the Min-Raise

25 February 2010, By: compncards
Ashton Griffin 235x300
Ashton Griffin 235x300

Allen Kessler twittered that Isildur1 was playing low stakes at Full Tilt. (Which apparently means $50 - $100 NL.) Anyway, I went over to see who he was playing and I clicked on the two tables that he and Ashton Griffin were playing on. Well, they were there, but Isildur1 wasn't playing. Here is the chat: (I left the typos etc and the observer chat exactly how it went down)

Isildur1: make up your mind then

theASHMAN103: you sitting out

theASHMAN103: you make up yours

Isildur1: i dont play minibets

Isildur1: we play 3 x bb or we dont play at all

meikapoika (Observer): do u play minigolf

J0HNS0N757 (Observer): lol

theASHMAN103: I might raise more if stacks get deeper

Isildur1: im tilted so nothnx

theASHMAN103: we can play 1/2

theASHMAN103: ok ill 3x, but you cant ever overbet the pot

theASHMAN103: or check riase the river

Amokodelic (Observer): lol

davidsutter (Observer): haha

Isildur1: yeah ut to funny huh

theASHMAN103: see the nonsense!!

3HI (Observer): what a f.agg

BrianHeHe (Observer): lmao

Isildur1: i just dont play minibettinggame atm

davidsutter (Observer): or play AA

TurT22 (Observer): come on ashman the overbet bluff is bloms favorite play

theASHMAN103: so you want me to get up and let you reign?

compncards (Observer): from the looks of his stats, he dont play much of anything right now

TurT22 (Observer): psh reign you mean loose millions of dollars?

Isildur1: i dont give a fc k

3HI (Observer): ashman needs to go play some blackjack or somethin

J0HNS0N757 (Observer): awww

J0HNS0N757 (Observer): someones lost a lil too much $

At this point Isildur1 leaves the tables with theASHMAN103 and just plays at other tables with whitelime. So apparently Isildur1 fears the min-raise. This is an ongoing pattern for Isildur1. He has made nearly unreasonable demands while playing in other games before. I guess he is grasping at straws to find some way to recoup the Millions he has lost.

Maybe I should get a new screen name on Full Tilt that say Isildur1FearsLimit.

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  • Pinney 25/02/2010 12:15pm (11 years ago)

    Wow, I had no idea he was such a little bitch.