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If you can't find the game you love....

5 April 2010, By: Frank Willburn

....Love the game your with. 

Here recently my bankroll has been a bit on the anemic side.  And by that I mean .19.  Living in the Texas panhandle there are no card rooms nearby.  The closest one we have is about 3 1/2 hours away.  It definitely takes some forethought to get there, and once there you don't want to burn through your buy-ins.  I don't get to make the trip often so I am usually relegated to the World Wide Web. 

There are a lot of great sites out there to play on and I play on quite a few of them.  With my bankroll in the shape it is I have been playing alot of the freerolls and such.  The freerollis a different kind of animal from regular Sit-n-Gos or MTTs.  The play is generally alot looser and you never know what will happen.

This past weekend I took part in a couple of these tourneys and my results were somewhat lackluster.  The best I did was on one of the monthly subscription sites(I do not pay, I only play the free freerolls).  In field of 228 I managed to come in 21.  The very first hand I was dealt Q-Q raised on the button and was reraised all-in with two callers.  The flop brought 2 hearts and a spade.  One of the callers was holding two hearts andthe other had A-Ko.  I managed to dodge alot of bullets and came out smelling like roses.  the rest of the tournament seemed to be going in the same direction and for a while I was the chip leader.

After the 2nd break I was 2nd in chips and feeling very confident.  This feeling did not last for long.  I was playing pretty loose-aggressive and doing well when I got snake bit.  I was dealt A-K and the player to my right raised, I simply limped thinking I could out play him post flop.  the flop was 4-10-2 rainbow.  The raiser put out a c-bet and I felt he was playing with over cards, I reraised him all in(only another 4000, I was sitting at 24000)  he called and rolled over A-J.  I had him dominated.  Until the river.  The river brought the magic J and I chipped him up.

From that point I was card dead.  I couldn't put together anything and with the blinds climbing every 5 minutes my stack was falling.  Finally I got dealt A-K again, and with my stack at only 8 BB I decided to open shove.  The same villian from before called, having me covered.  He rolls over A-10, dominated again right?  Wrong he manages to river a straight to put me out in 21 place and only getting points, no money.

What did all this teach me?  Well from my lucky runs to my unlucky runs, in these freerolls you have to play them just like that.  A freeroll.  I learned alot from this game andI will continue to analyze it to see what I could do differently in the future to help me improve my play.  These games can be a learning ground to try different strategies and change up your game without having to put your bankroll at risk.  Oh well live and learn and move on to the next one.

Update on Chip for a Chair:

I have traded the poker books for a brand new 2GB iPod Shuffle lime green.  It has never been used and just waiting for someone like you (yes you) to pop in the earbuds.  I did have one offer today for an old desktop computer, but I didn't feel it was a good trade.  So someone you better jump on this or it will be gone.  I still have just under 2 months, and I'm just getting started.  So help me out and become a part of something bigger than all of us.

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