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Gus Hansen Giving Away Money Again

29 August 2009, By: compncards
gushansen 300x200
gushansen 300x200

Lately, I have been "covering" some online high stakes poker games online. (Covering meaning I let them run in the background and I go back and pull the interesting hands from hand history.) I almost feel bad for Gus Hansen in a way, or at least I did this past week. Most of the time that I was looking over hand histories, he was losing buy-in after buy-in.

Granted, a lot of the money he lost was in PLO, but some of the hands that he lost money on were just plain silly. I saw him push with aces and no redraw and with some other very questionable hands. Granted, he is the king of aggression, but from what I have seen, people seem to have been playing him where if they have any type of hand, they fight back.

With that being said, there were a few hands that I saw him lose big money on that he was going to probably lose money on regardless. The one that sticks out in my mind was one I saw today. He had flopped top set with ace kicker and had the nut flush redraw. His opponent had the same high hand, but no redraw. Gus then lost when his opponent filled up on the river. There were several times that this happened.

I realize that this is a bad run for him right now, but it seems like the way to play Gus right now is to push your hands and hope he doesn't hit his draws.

There really isn't much else going on in poker right now. I could talk about David Sklansky getting his house broken into, but he is fine, so does anyone really care?

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Have a great weekend and good luck to you at the tables.

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