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Gremlins Attack UB

31 March 2010, By: compncards
gremlins escape 300x232
gremlins escape 300x232

Let’s say you were you playing in a tournament and the following happened:

You enter the event being guaranteed a cap of a certain number of players.  However, registration continues past that cap and the number exceeds the cap:

Next, you are granted a bye into Round 2 of this event.  When you start the Round 2 match, you have half the chips of your opponent.


You play Round 1 only to find out that you have to play it again.  However, to your advantage, you will now start with twice the amount as your opponent.


You receive a bye into Round 2 and face someone that played Round 1 twice.  You then discover that your opponent is starting with three times the amount of chips that you are starting with.

Suffice it to say that you would be pissed wouldn’t you.

Welcome to  The above was just what happened on Sunday in the inaugural Annie Duke Heads-up Challenge.  The $1,050 buy-in event was subsequently cancelled and the players money refunded.

While UB did the right thing regarding the event, one would think that they would take added steps to make sure something like this didn’t happen.  While an occasional technical problem is going to happen, something on this scale is nearly inexcusable.  After all that went down regarding the AP and UB cheating scandals, one would think that extra testing and precautions would be taken.

UB has yet to make an announcement regarding this, but it can be assumed that someone is getting a major chewing out over this.  Hopefully they can get this event straightened out as a high stakes regular heads-up event would be a welcome addition to the site.  However, one has to wonder to what degree user confidence was shaken after such a colossal blunder on UB’s part.  Maybe they can blame it on Gremlins.  I'm sure one of them has learned how to hack a computer by now, right?

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