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Online Poker – Greed Overrides Right and Wrong

30 August 2010, By: Charlie River

Land-based casinos in California oppose the regulation of online poker. They are afraid of losing revenue; they say this openly.

The main argument of their opponents, the Regulators, goes along the same lines: “Regulated online poker will bring in cash.”

My reply to both sides would be: “So what?!”

It’s not about your revenue

The question whether online poker should be legal or not cannot possibly be reduced to a matter of revenue.

Legal matters are about right and wrong, right? If you want to prohibit online poker, you need to show that it’s wrong.

This is difficult, since millions of people love the fine old game called poker.

To some people, I’m sure poker is wrong. Or any card game. Or any game. Or anything that’s even close to entertaining.

Well, let me tell you: To me, you’re wrong. You’re illegitimately trying to restrict other people’s freedom.

What’s with the old freedoms?

Your arguments are egotistical and uninformed. You don’t respect other people’s right to pursue whatever activity they like, as long as they’re not hurting others.

With your neglect of the basic freedoms, you’re forcing a fine, fine game back into the sleazy backrooms from which it recently managed to get out.

Please just fold your hand, will you? Stand up from the game? Leave the room?

On a side note, what gives people the right to call non-US operators illegal? They may be perfectly legal and well-run businesses in the legislation where they reside. Which may be in Europe just as well as in some lawless banana republic. Being off-shore is not illegal per se, you know.

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