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GR88 Poker – Weird Messages LOL

9 November 2010, By: Charlie River
gr88 1
gr88 1

I signed up at GR88 Poker. It’s a skin on the Merge poker network. I’m sure everything’s nice and fine, and I’m looking forward to be playing there.

But I had some totally weird messages that I must share with you. I got them when I tried to register a user name. I find them hilarious. But then I'm pretty nerdy.

The name I wanted to register was “pokerjunkie”. That should make sense to you. If you know where you are.

Anyway, it was taken. (wtf)

So the site presented me with an excuse and a number of suggestions for similar names. That’s standard procedure, I know. It’s just that these suggestions, my god, I don’t know.

See for yourself:



Maybe not hilarous. But a bit sick. You have to give me that.


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