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Full Tilt Playing With Pandora's Box?

19 February 2010, By: compncards
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chris ferguson 01 200x300

The big story over the last few days is the fact that it appears that Full Tilt Poker has decided to enact a ban of any events that are being held by PokerStars, more specifically the NAPT (North American Poker Tour). A recent charity event in Vegas was also snubbed by Full Tilt and their red pros.

The fact that Full Tilt is telling their players not to play a PokerStars event does not concern me as much as it does other. If Full Tilt does not want it’s players playing on the NAPT, that hurt them and potentially their pros. The NAPT is still in its infancy and while it is expected to be the next big thing, there is not guarantee that it will be. Besides, if it does indeed become the next big tour in both ratings and popularity, I expect Full Tilt to reevaluate their stance.

What concerns me is what type of precedent that they are potentially setting for themselves, especially if or rather when Harrah’s becomes a big online poker entity. Will Full Tilt then turn around and have their pros boycott Harrah’s sponsored events? Harrah’s runs the WSOP. I know that everyone reading this is thinking “they aren’t that stupid.” Are we sure? Banning one tour is a slippery slope and if they ban PokerStars, next maybe they will ban UB events, and then if Harrah’s is a big online player in a year or two.....maybe....

If that were to happen, how loyal do you think that Full Tilt’s pros would be to the brand? Do you really think the Jeff Madsens of the world would stick with them? Let’s hope we don’t get to find out.

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