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Free Money! Interested Parties See Isildur1

3 December 2009, By: compncards
phil ivey 7
phil ivey 7

It appears that Isildur1 has begun to crash and burn. After a few days of getting his teeth kicked in at the tables, he is down over $1.68 Million. Here is who got some of his money:

Phil Ivey                            $2.9 Million

Brian Townsend              $2.18 Million

Ziigmund                           $1.83 Million

Patrik Antonius              $1.7 Million

Brian Hastings                 $318k

OMGClayAiken                $122k

Now lets take a look at the players losing money to him:

durrrr                                 $5.24 Million (Yes, that's $5 Million)

David Benyamine          $560,541

Haseeb Qureshi              $452,688

UgotaBanana                   $293,639

DjAdi                                   $199,387

howisitfeellike                 $152,538

Notice a pattern here? When your losing sessions are consistently larger than your winners, you will lose money.

Also, notice that in the end, Ivey has wound up with the most money out of all the other players. As Gus Hansen once said, the object of poker is to see how long you can prevent Phil Ivey from getting all of your money.

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