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Don't Be a Lemming in the Upcoming Election

21 October 2010, By: compncards

The Poker Player's Alliance put out a list of 58 candidates that they support in the upcoming election in November. I was looking at the list and the candidate they support in my area is by far one that is not well supported, especially after his voting record the last two years over major issues.

I don't normally get into politics that much or speak my mind on it because it is usually a battle of people who think they cannot be wrong. But in this case, the PPA is trying to get you to go out and vote on the basis of one issue. Granted, if that is the only thing in your life you care about, then fine. However, there is a lot more going on in our country than getting poker legalized.

In my area alone, the candidate not only supported Cap and Trade, which will cost our state about 50,000 jobs, but also voted on the Health Care bill, which is blatantly unconstitutional and has made it even tougher for most of us to get health care. That is not even including how the Stimulus has been an utter and complete failure.

Yet the PPA wants me to vote for him because he supports poker. Sorry folks, but it is not happening here. Do I want to see online poker get legalized? Sure. But not at the expense of putting people in office that will make matters worse in many other way.

I don't expect you to agree with me regarding the big issues. What I want you to do is evaluate the candidates coming up in the November 2nd election and see whether they are a good choice for your area and leave the issue of online poker off the table. If you feel they are still a good choice and they support poker, then great. If not, then do not be a lemming and vote for someone because the PPA supports them. Think this through people, that is all I am asking.

And if you are not in the U.S., go play some online poker and be glad most of you don't have to have this debate.

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