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Comical Popup at Ongame

3 December 2009, By: Charlie River
ongame popup
ongame popup

Again I’m playing low stakes PLO at Ongame, even though the waiting lists are missing. I run good for a couple of hands and then I have to sit out for a little while.

When I get back I’ve been removed from the table. Nothing to say about that, that’s the way it works everywhere.

But when I try to sit down again, the popup for buying chips shows up in a really funny way. Do you see anything weird in this picture (except for my all but depleted bankroll)?

You’re damn right. I can only buy $45.76, the amount I had when I left. Still nothing wrong. It’s just that the only available option is Buy $25.

In other words: "You can only buy $45 but we won't let you."

Ha ha, that’s really funny and I appreciate a good laugh. I don’t blame Ongame at all for keeping me off that juicy table for half an hour until the block goes away.

Hello, Fredrik Kjell, is this also a matter of taste? ;-)


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