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Cheating in Online Poker Happens Every Day - Get Used to It

20 August 2010, By: compncards

Recently, WickedChopsPoker published an article going into detail about the UB super user scandal and many of the names involved with assisting Russ Hamilton in moving around money. Also, a Chinese collusion ring was revealed on PokerStars where several players would join and play numerous double or nothing sit n go tournaments. These stories just go to reinforce one important truth that one must realize when playing online poker and that you must ALWAYS look out for cheaters.

People cheat at online poker. Cheating in online poker happens every day. It will continue to happen every day in one form or another as long as online poker exists. I know of one poker media member that cheats at online poker. In fact, some of you reading this blog may very well cheat at online poker. Some of you may not even realize it.

For example, have you ever registered for more than one account on a site and played with both accounts. If so, you're an online poker cheat. Do you play a game while having a buddy sit and watch and offer you advice? That's cheating. Do you IM someone about a hand you are in or call someone on the phone while playing online poker? If so, you are cheating.

Cheating isn't always as blatant as having five guys in a house on a network play at the same game, nor is it as blatant as what Russ Hamilton executed. However, you have to realize that people are going to take any advantage that they can get away with in order to make money online.

If you play online poker, you are going to be cheated at some point GUARANTEED. Get used to it. And some of you at one point are going to cheat at online poker. Those are the facts of online poker.

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  • Emo 09/10/2010 11:48pm (11 years ago)

    I really think so too. I have been surfing around the internet for a while this week, and its kinda hard to find anything entertaining to read on blogs=] Maybe thats because there are too many of them around =) But your website actually keeps catching my attention:P Great posts, and kawai design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more time now =)

  • compncards 21/08/2010 4:25am (11 years ago)

    You still have to get over it to a degree if you are going to play.

  • Stef 20/08/2010 9:18pm (11 years ago)

    too many cheats...too many clowns!!! Nuf said!

  • Nicky Nickname 20/08/2010 10:09am (11 years ago)

    I refuse to get used to it. Even though I've been there, me too.

  • john 20/08/2010 5:29am (11 years ago)

    so true ....feels like every bad beat is a cheat about a blog on positional advantage ....