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Chat, Play, and Sue the Pros at Full Tilt Poker

7 April 2010, By: compncards
full tilt poker 300x96
full tilt poker 300x96

As many of you have already heard, Full Tilt Poker has become the online poker whipping boy lately. First, a federal grand jury is set to prosecute Full Tilt on money laundering charges. They are also going after Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, and several others. Kentucky has also filed their own complaint, but they have specifically stated that they are going to sue and attempt to recover the money lost by players from March 25, 2005 and September 25, 2009.

The Kentucky case is interesting as they are going not only after Full Tilt but after other "Unknown Full Tilt Defendants" who have benefited from the site. How many red pros will get hit by this if Kentucky is successful. There is even more at stake in the Kentucky case than Full Tilt. They have included basically every site involved in the domain seizure case. If they are able to collect on Full Tilt, they will be able to collect on every site.

Futhermore, Kentucky attorneys in the domain seizure case are saying that identifying as a member isn't enough to prove iMEGA has standing. They claim “Identification of one member who is an owner of one domain defendant cannot and does not provide a basis upon which iMEGA may be granted associational standing… Instead, Yatahay [Limited] must come forward and defend its interest.” (Yatahay Limited is the owners of This argument is in response to iMEGA's motion to move the case back to the State Supreme Court. If the Commonwealth's arguments are successful in swaying this, then this could provide a serious blow to iMEGA and their ability to prove standing. Of course, maybe they can meet the Commonwealth's criteria and provide representatives of Yatahay Ltd to the trial. Time will tell.

I don't have a witty retort in response to the above. It appears that the push against online poker has begun to ramp up. This doesn't bode well, especially for Full Tilt. Once indicted, expect a flurry of people to abandon ship on the site hoping to save their bankrolls. I hate to predict doom and gloom, but most of us are smart enough to realize that people are going to get scared.

This is going to be a very interesting summer for both live and online poker.

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  • كازينو 09/08/2010 1:34am (11 years ago)

    Hi guys, tried loading this blog through Google RSS reader and got a strange error message, any ideas what could be the issue?

  • Lee 26/06/2010 10:25am (11 years ago)

    I have been a winning player on full tilt for the past few years and just recently with in the past month i cant win or place in one single tourny or SNG. I get set up everytime . I get rags all game long only to be set up to lose with a monster . This has been happening consistnatly for the past month now and believe me it is not a random bad beat run. I believe 100% that full tilt is corrupt and has punished me and my account because a few donks form my state are sueing them.