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Bodog to Offer the Equivalent of TV Poker With Hole Cards

16 March 2012, By: compncards
Bodog 417x300
Bodog 417x300

Bodog now has a feature that allows you to request the hole cards of players at your table 24 hours after a hand is completed.

The company decided to do this to address the concerns of players regarding collusion. However, I like the statement that they made regarding the new feature.

Bodog said that, "Once all the noise of whining poker 'pros' who could no longer use software allowing access to data on how you play your game against Bodog players died down the only credible complaint was the threat of collusion,"

Very nice.

I am probably one of the few people that thought that Bodog's anonymous poker tables are a good thing. While using HUD's and all the plethora of tracking tools out there is considered a standard and obviously correct thing to do, it does take a bit away from the human aspect of the game.

Many of the top online players have the personality of a statue. Actually, I shouldn't insult the statue.

HUD's and other devices give those that are willing and able to use them an advantage over other players. While that is accepted, it does take a good deal of fun out of the game for the casual player.

Back to players being able to request hole cards. I also like this, and think that this is something that should be done by all sites.

Granted, I realize that poker tracking software is very helpful and the 2+2 croonies are on top of things regarding collusion. However, this may help catch some of the less obvious acts of collusion and those acts that don't occur over long periods of time.

If we are going to let players have access to HUD's and other software to get information, then they should be able to get as much information as they can within reason.

I can already hear the argument of this as issuing hole cards on online sites will be the equivalent of watching taped live poker.

Why not? We see how the pros and other TV players play their hands after the fact. Why not do it online.

If we are going to bastardize the game of poker, we might as well go all the way right?

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  • Hank 17/03/2012 7:10am (9 years ago)

    A bit hard on the online players aren't you? I tell you what passes for "personality" with live players from the old guard isn't all it's cracked up to be. Everyone thinks they're a real yarnspinner at the tables but I could stand a lot more quiet kids with headphones.