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Another Superuser Scandal?

5 August 2009, By: compncards

According to an article on, Pitbull Poker is facing allegations of both chip shaving and superuser accounts. Pitbull Poker is a totally flash driven site that is currently ranked 21st in the world.

The first complaint seems to have been acknowledged as legitimate by Pitbull Poker. Players have come forward claiming that money would magically disappear from their stack. Amounts range from .25 to $25. Pitbull Poker’s manager has recently admitted that this has occurred and players would get their money back, claiming it to be a site error.

The other more serious accusation revolves around superuser accounts. We are all aware of the whole incident with Ultimate Bet involving superuser account. It appears that the same problem has risen on Pitbull Poker. There have been several examples of hands where the same players consistently made folds after their opponent outflopped them or they made perfect calls against their opponents consistently. Unfortunately, the site does not currently offer a text version of their hand history that can be analyzed by various poker tracking software.

I side with the players in that there should be a text version of the hands available. This would help to clear up the current issue going on involving superuser accounts. Hopefully Pitbull will do something quickly to address this matter and bring a quick resolution to this.

While I don’t play at the site, the allegations alone are enough to make people afraid to play at the site. Look at the type of hit that UB took with their scandal. Granted, they have been able to rebound, but at what cost. A former WSOP Main Event winner is in perpetual exile from the poker community with his reputation forever destroyed. Yes, I think it is destroyed forever. Someone truly innocent of these charges would have fought more than Hamilton did. That is my opinion of course.

The whole issue of superuser accounts really bugs me. I understand the need for the accounts during testing of software, but there needs to be more controls in place to prevent those accounts being used in live games. The site should be coded in such a way to prevent the accounts from logging on to a live game server. Next, I also think that accounts that are superuser accounts used for testing purposes should be logged and have a set expiration date. Program the server or accounts to expire after 45 days from creation date and have a list of the different accounts created for submission to regulatory agencies.

I have worked as a PC Tech and Network Admin in a previous career and these changes can be made to help prevent the superuser issue. Anyone claiming that they cannot are lying and/or don’t want to put forth the time and money to do so. Personally, if I was in charge of ANY online poker site, these types of changes would be implemented. The money lost on accusations such as these in the long term is more than you will spend on preventing the problem.

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