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2015 to Be Another Year of Indecision for Online Poker

14 January 2015, By: compncards
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online poker.350 232x300

Some analysts tried to hype last year as one of tremendous growth for the online poker industry. That growth never came and instead we lost one of the games first legal sites.

While some are trying to be optimistic about online poker's chances in 2015, I personally think this will be another year of general indecision and slow movement. Below are my thoughts on some of the major online poker bills being considered.

New York - A natural result of casino expansion but the word that comes to mind is "too soon" and I think lawmakers will agree. Try again next year.

Mississippi - Thanks for playing but you're in an election year and the support's just not there.

Pennsylvania - While considered a serious player, I still think we are at least a year or two off before seeing serious movement towards legalization.

Washington - This is really a third-party bill that a supporter in the legislature decided to champion. I think the bill is a good starting point but it a bit too generic and will likely not go anywhere this year.

California - The only state that "might" legalize online poker this year. I strongly emphasize might. Issues remain over bad actors and lack of race track inclusion. At present, it seems both sides have dug in the trenches but there is still time for movement. If we see a resolution to the bad actor issue by April 15, I think we see the game legalized. Otherwise, wait until next year.

Expansion for online poker will come, just not at the speed many would hope. For now, let's just sit back, relax and show our support where possible.

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