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Nice Person In Vegas

26 June 2009, By:
I run across various people in my travels for poker. Some I see in several locations, while others I only see in a specific area.
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Some are locals, some are traveling the circuit, and some just in for vacation.  When thinking about nice guys, or gals, in my travels, many come to mind, but one that sticks out more is a guy I know as "J.J."

J.J. is a guy I met playing at Binions a couple of years ago.  I don't know if we played in an event together or if we were ran into each other outside of the tournament, but I have seen him every time I have came out since.  He is an older guy and has a bit of a grungy look to him.  He's a fantastic poker player and loves to talk about what he has seen and done.

Taking a break in Vegas

J.J. used to be a dealer for the Golden Nugget back in the early 80's before the poker boom.  He has worked for several properties, but the Nugget was his home.  According to him, he has dealt to many of the biggest names in the game such as Doyle, Amarillo Slim, Johnny Moss, Stu Ungar, and Chip Reese.

J.J. has many times told me various stories about his dealing days and about old Vegas.  However, one thing that separates J.J. from many of the "old timers" that I talk to is that he is not, nor does he appears to want to be, a full time player.  He has run a couple of businesses and right now works part time dealing in Florida where he lives.

He takes his vacation in Vegas around the series and stays at various hotels down on Fremont and in Vegas.  Sometimes he does well, sometimes he walks away grumbling about his bad luck.  However, he always comes back and seems to have a good time.

J.J. tells me "I'm in my 60's and most people say that I'm a big kid.  I feel great and all I care about is having fun."  I hope that when I am 60 that I can keep that same frame of mind.  I look forward to many years and many more stories to come from J.J.

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