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Best New US Poker Rooms

14 September 2010, By:
Are you looking for a new US Poker site - perhaps because your old one doesn't allow Americans anymore or you just want to find some new fish to catch in the net?

We have the best options.

What Is a New Poker Room?

2006 was the most turbulent year in online poker so far. The US Government decided that banks no longer were allowed to transfer money to off-shore gambling sites. Because of this, some poker sites decided to leave the American market altogether while some decided to stay and fight this (in my opinion unjust) law.

So when we list the best new US poker rooms, 2006 is our year zero. Everything after that is considered new.

Sportsbook Poker

Sportsbook is not a new site; on the contrary. The sportsbook and casino section opened in 1997 and when the poker room was launched in 2006 the infrastructure regarding secure payments etc. was already in place.

Sportsbook is something unique as a poker site exclusively available to American and Canadian players and since this is one of the few poker options for North American players today, the site's player traffic has really spiked in it the last couple of years.

Many of the new players arrive through the casino or sports-betting sections of the site, which is good news for the skilled poker player.  This has given sportsbook the reputation of hosting  Internet's softest cash games, which probably is true.

PlayersOnly Poker

PlayersOnly Poker is very much a sister site to Sportsbook Poker. They both started on Cake network and moved to Merge - a poker platform available to US players.

So the benefits of Sportsbook, like weak opponents and a safe and secure site, are the same at PlayersOnly Poker.

So which one of these should you choose? Well, since the player base is the same at both sites, our suggestion is that you compare bonus offers and other promotions such as free roll tournaments and make your decision based on that.

Either way, you will end up at perhaps the best new poker site for US players.

Bodog Poker

Wait a minute! Bodog isn't a new site, is it?

Well, technically the site has been around since the mid ´90s but due to certain issues regarding the name - it was called BodogLife and NewBodog for some time - we must consider the re-launch of a new poker room.

For quite some time Bodog has really been struggling, but now it's back and will be a poker site to be reckoned with.

This new version comes with better bonuses for new players, improved payment options (even some eWallets for US players) and a growing player base bringing dead money to the table.

For more information, look at our list of US Poker Rooms. There you have a couple of old, classic poker sites ones to choose from as well.


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