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Nebuchad: I wish I still was a Poker Junkie

8 July 2008, By:

Are you a poker junkie?

I used to be a poker junkie, and I actually wish that I still was. Like that, you want to play all the time, which is good because then you work a lot. I haven't been playing very much lately. Haven't really had the right spirit.

What's your longest poker session ever?

I would say about 21 hours. That was in a heads up $50/100 no limit game. I was stuck pretty badly against a really good player and just couldn't stop playing. This was back in the times when I was a poker junkie. I lost about $200 K. That's one of my biggest losses, I think.

How much have you won in a session?

That would be $250 K, I think. I played heads up against Patrik Antonius on Prima, $200/400. We played for ten hours and then I was about $250K plus. Although he had so much luck against me, and I really should've been up much more. That was one of my best moments.

After that I haven't played that much against him, he's a really good player. I've avoided him because after that game I couldn't get any games, when people saw that I had beaten Antonius. So I cashed out and haven't been playing that much on Prima since.

Last time you have a totally poker-free week?

In the end of May, before I went to the WSOP. That gives me a bad conscience. I know that I ought to be there playing since there are still good games on the internet. You always worry that it may end, that the fish dies away. You want to work as much as possible.

It gets tougher all the time. Two years ago the games was of much lower standard than today. Most players at $5/10 and higher are much tougher now. Most of them are more or less semi-professional.

On one hand, you play your best game when you've been at it for several days in a row. On the other hand I usually take a break from online poker during the summer and only play some WSOP events, and the last two years I've had my best month in September. I don't know if that's just a coincidence.

Have you ever chosen poker over a partner?

Yes, I actually have. When I tried to make those high goals at the start of this year, I met a girl from my hometown. I realized that I would never make the goal if I had a girlfriend, so I chose to say that that will have to come in another phase of my life. Right now I'm simply too busy. So I've done that once.

How many of your friends play poker?

Quite many of them. At the start I had no poker playing friends, but now I would say about 80%. I like it, you know "birds of a feather flock together". When I moved to Uppsala to study, I met friends among the people that I studied together with. That's normal. And most poker players are really soft and funny people, so I like it that way. I'm still in contact with my old friends too, so it's just positive.

Do you use poker language in your everyday conversation?

Not much, actually. I have a group of friends from Lund who do that all the time, it's really funny to listen to them. Like when you're trying to pick a choice from a menu they may say "this is the nuts". Or once, when a friend danced with a girl, the day after he told me that she'd bluffed him.

What's the most expensive you've thing destroyed after a bad beat?

Nothing at all, not even a mouse. I'm usually very quiet at the table, and in front of the computer as well. I rarely curse or so.

Of course, I'm reacting inwards. Many people think that I don't have any reactions at all, but my childhood friend, who also plays poker, claims he can tell from the atmosphere in the room whether I'm winning or losing.

Are you into crazy side bets?

Not much when I play live poker. But when I'm traveling with friends we'll often have a couple of bets running.

It was kind of fun when we flow from London to St Kitts for the Caribbean Poker Classic tournament. We bet who could run the fastest up and down the aisle, and you'd have water in your mouth, so you couldn't ask people to move aside.

And we always bet on the flight time. Someone gets to set a time and then we bet on over or under. We usually bet like $1000, but it can add up and get expensive if you're unlucky.

Do you have nightmares about poker?

I don't have nightmares about poker, but regular dreams. That's usually a sign that I'm in a phase of rapid development. The brain processes a lot of poker then, and when I dream of poker that's always been a sign that I got a bit better.

But I haven't done that for quite some time now, so I guess I haven't been making any progress lately.

Who's the biggest poker junkie in the world?

Well, I don't know. Lars Luzak plays incredibly much, and he's also incredibly good. All the live players knows how to hold their distance to things, so they're no real poker junkies. Those American guys, Tom Dwan (durrrr) and Jay Krantz (pr1nnyraid) play very much and are great players. So I guess they are the biggest poker junkies.

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