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Play Poker Like Johnny Chan, Book One: Casino Poker Review

9 April 2008, By:


- A fun book, it isn't boring to read.
- Good quality book, made on high quality paper in full color and has great graphics.
- Johnny talks about her personal playing style and gives excellent tips & strategies about No-Limit Hold'em
- Covers all forms of poker including, Limit Poker, Seven Card Stud, Omaha & Seven Card Stud Eight or Better. Goes into depth about each type of poker game & give excellent strategies on all games.
- Well Written, easy to read and easy to understand.
- Center section is packed with good color photos of the top pros.


- Doesn't go too deep into any math & advanced players might not get enough information to improve there game.

Additional Information

Widely regarded as the world's best poker player, Johnny Chan has been beating the highest buy-in tournaments and big money cash games everywhere for the past twenty years. Because he worked his way up to the top of the poker world by starting in the smallest games, Johnny is the perfect person to teach you how to do it. Whether you are a beginning or intermediate player, this book will help you on your way to expert status. All of the popular casino poker games are covered in a clear and easy to understand fashion.

This book covers the following poker games:

- Limit Hold-em
- Seven Card Stud
- Seven Card Stud Eight or Better
- Omaha High
- Omaha Hi-low
- No-Limit Hold-em

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Top PLayer Media LLC (January 1, 2005)
ISBN: 1933074485


When I heard Johnny Chan was releasing a poker book my first reaction was "oh great another horrible poker book with the same information to just make money." To my surprise though Johnny has really put a lot of effort and work into this book. It's not just another poker book and actually has gone beyond being anything but just another poker book. The quality of the book is amazing, it's truly one of a kind, the book is printed on quality and in color. Johnny also doesn't bring a book with the same old information, yes the first few chapters cover the basics of poker but after that it really picks up the pace and goes in depth about all the different poker games and gives you actual insight and tips that Johnny uses himself. I highly recommend this book to any level poker player as it is one of the top books out there.


User Comments:

Posted by connorsmtc on Mar 31, 2005 - 08:49 PM
My score: 5

I was wondering if oyu could compare this book to say Doyles Super System or Hellmuths PLay poker like the Pros

Posted by yodoha on Apr 27, 2005 - 01:08 AM
My score: 4

Ive read it and i liked it. IT is really interesting and it does cover alot of stuff in the book. I recomend getting this one.

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