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Tournament Poker-No Limit Texas Hold'em - Mac/Windows Review

9 April 2008, By:
User Review: Tournament Poker-No Limit Texas Hold'em - Mac/Windows - Submitted by klocko

If your one of those people that love to play poker while you are on the computer, but don?t feel like downloading an online casino, this game is for you. It is a very fun computer game that is not very costly and easy to upload,


This game treats you as if you are a real poker pro like Phil Hellmuth, Gus Hanson, or Howard Lederer. This game is setup so that you have many games that you can play in and that your season total of money is recorded in your profile. My favorite thing about this game would be the tournaments. You can have the most realistic tournaments ever on this game. You can set up your tournaments to have up to as much as 5,000 players! What is even cooler is that you can set up you own poker nights. The computer will count down the time to your tournament starts, it will calculate the prize pay out due to the amount of your buyins, and knows exactly how much time is needed to raise the blinds to make your tournament go smoothly. Then to make it even more realistic this game setup up more than 1,000 different players with their own style of play. Most other computer poker games that are not realistic because the player rarely bluff. In this game I have been bluffed out more times than I can count, which makes the game O so real!


Since there are so many good things about this game it hurts me to tell the cons. The main con is the graphics aren?t that great. It has a little better graphics than Party Poker Online Gaming. Also one feature I don?t like is ?Cheat Mode?. In this mode it allows you to see other opponents cards during the game. This totally ruins some of the fun and integrity of the game.



This game is a must buy for poker players looking for a break from online casinos. The tournaments in this game are insane! For the low price of $19.99 you can get hours and hours of entertainment out of this game. Definitely check it out at your local best buy!

User Comments:

Posted by tedh7 on Apr 11, 2005 - 04:54 PM
My score: 2.5

sounds kinda cool but i wouldnt wanna pay 20$$ for it

Posted by yodoha on Apr 16, 2005 - 10:03 PM
My score: 5

Sounds good its worth the $20 i would think. I dont understand why u wouldnt buy it for $20 its not even expensive. Its also a good way to improve ur skills with this.

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