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6-Player Texas Hold 'Em TV Poker Game Review -

8 April 2008, By:
User Review: 6-Player Texas Hold 'Em TV Poker Game Review - Submitted by klocko (score: 0.5)

I guarantee that you have seen the commercials on TV for this product and thought it looks really cool. Sorry to tell you its probably the worst poker game I have ever played!


The only pro to this game is that it comes with 6 different controllers so that each person can seen their hand. Other than that it was a horrible game.


O man the list goes on and on. First off, the only time you are allowed to see your hand is when it is your turn to act and even then only for like 10 seconds. Even after the flop, turn, and river it only shows your cards to you for a short period of time, when it is your turn. Then it probably has the worst graphics I have ever seen. The graphics are as if they were from a game from the original Nintendo. Then to top it off it makes the most annoying noise every time someone bets or calls a bet. Basically all you do is sit there and stare at the same screen the whole time you play. Now if that isn?t enough there is still more! Playing this game is like playing a group of beginners they raise with hands like Ace two off suit. Then they call your bets with hands like King seven suited!?!? Also on my game, every time I tried to restart the game it would freeze and make this buzzing sound.! It was just a overall horrible game.



How can I conclude a review so horrible. Basically all I need to say is save your money and don't waste it on a terrible game like this. Pricing at $59.99 you could use that money and play in some real poker games that are 100x more exciting! Now I'm going back to do something more entertaining - to review online poker sites.

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