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Small Stakes Hold'em: David Sklansky, Ed Miller, Mason Malmuth Review

11 April 2008, By:


Small Stakes Holdem is a book written on limit poker and it's strategy's and fine points. One of the authors of this book is David Sklansky who is generally considered the number one authority on gambling in the world today....WOW! That is an amazing complements to him, I mean how many people critique gambling...MANY! And he is considered number one. David Sklansky has also written seven other books on gambling, and poker. Mason Malmuth is the owner of Two plus Two publishing and has sold over 600,000 books and currently has 27 titles. The winner of the 2004 Main Event: the biggest poker tournament ever assembled says,? I can say with full confidence that if it were not for Two plus Two publishing and their website, I would not have the 2004 World Championship bracelet on my wrist.? Greg?Fossilman? Raymer, 2004 World series of Poker champion,


Small Stakes holdem is a very inept book on how to beat limit poker, and what to do in certain situations. What is so great about this book is that it covers every aspect of limit and helps people understand each one of them by thoroughly explaining each one. They stress the fact of making gambling decisions. What they cover in this book is Expectation of making money, making gambling decisions, making poker decisions, Pot odds, implied odds, counting the pot, and much more. In this book they help inexperienced limit players such as my self to understand the difference between limit and no limit, such as you have to play connected suiters, and most of the time you should call with over cards and back door flush draws, because the odds of you winning, are good over time, before I read this book I ultimately did not understand that concept, and this book teaches you a lot about it. Another great part about this book is that it has a section on how to beat the House (rake) in limit games which is a huge disagreement among poker writers, and I think he covers the concept very well. Ultimately this book teaches a lot about limit, but it also has some problems.


Although this book teaches a lot about limit, it does it in a way of extreme boredome. I don?t know about you, but I can?t sit down for an hour and read a book that shows .5x 25%= 3.000 etc. It is just so boring reading this, maybe that is what limit is about, but still. The authors didn?t really tell much about their experiences like hands that they remember in their mind or anything like that and I tend to enjoy those parts of the book. It is not straightforward either, but it is still readable.


All in all this book will teach you a lot about limit even if you do have experience, I did somewhat enjoy the book and I give it an overall score of a 7.5


User Comments:

Posted by DC80 on Feb 11, 2005 - 01:15 PM
My score: 3.5

Written decently but not at the top level of writing as books such as Hellmuths, and Brunsons. A quicker read for amateurs.

Posted by dueceswild_3 on Apr 04, 2005 - 10:29 PM
My score: 5

this also help ameteur like myself on taking the fish money on small stakes, fast.

Posted by yodoha on Apr 27, 2005 - 01:25 AM
My score: 2

Lol if its a boring book than its not for me. I fall asleep pretty easy when im not interested in something so i dont intend on ever buying this book.

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