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Review: 300 11.5 G World Poker Tour Chips

8 April 2008, By:
User Review: 300 11.5 G World Poker Tour Chips - Submitted by Justin Braveman (Score: 4.5)


The World Poker Tour Chips have to be the nicest looking chips I've ever seen. They are outlined by four spades. In the middle is World Poker Tour with the WPT logo. They are the perfect size and weight not to mention the case. On the front part of the case World Poker Tour and the World Poker Tour logo stare right at you. When you open up the case World Poker Tour and the WPT logo is embedded into the back of the case. It comes with two decks of Plastic Coated Cards which lasted me forever and five dices which are actual casino size.


Though the chips are outstanding they are just too expensive. $150.00 for 300 chips. 50 cents a chips is just too much.

Additional Information

The World Poker Tour Chip case comes with three hundred World Poker Tour Chips all which that have the WPT logo on them. You get 125 blue chips, 100 red, and 75 black chips. It comes with two decks of World Poker Tour cards which were the best cards I have ever owned and five great dice come along with it too. If you don't want anybody getting into your chips then dont worry it comes with keys so you can lock the chips up too. This set is great as a collectible and for us in home poker games.


Altogether the World Poker Tour chips are great. Though I must tell you when you first get them they are tough to stack but after an hour of play you can stack them 50 chips high without a problem. I would suggest the WPT Chips to add to your Poker collection. You can buy the chips at just go to store and they'll be right there.

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