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Matusow Fires Back, Negreanu Contemplates

20 September 2014, By:
Mike Matusow has come to his own defense over claims that he stiffed Ted Forrest in their much publicized weight loss bet.
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Mike Matusow has come to his own defense over claims that he stiffed Ted Forrest in their much publicized weight-loss bet. Also, Daniel Negreanu may step up and compete at $25/$50 NL online.

Matusow and Forrest Continue to Battle over Weight-Loss Bet

Mike Matusow has been on the defensive lately regarding the $2 million owed to Ted Forrest after their much publicized weight-loss bet in 2010.

Forrest claims that Matusow has only paid around $70,000 of the bet but Mikey claims that his inability to pay is due to the Full Tilt Poker saga and that he never agreed to change his lifestyle for the bet.

Matusow claims that the bet was made while he was drunk and that he initially tried to back out of the bet because he couldn't afford to lose. He then claims that Forrest wanted $500,000 to cancel the bet.

This is where things get interesting. Matusow continued with the bet but claimed that Forrest would have to accept $5,000 a month out of Matusow's Full Tilt Poker paycheck. He "would not change his lifestyle to pay off a bet," was Matusow's defense.

Forrest won the bet and Matusow claims that Forrest tried to get Howard Lederer and Full Tilt to pay the bet in full, a proposition that was laughed at according to Matusow.

Matusow claims that Justin Smith had 10% of the bet and has paid $200,000 to Forrest. He then said he has paid $93,500 of the $106,500, which he claimed was the amount he promised to pay Forrest.

Matusow closed out his side of the story with the following: "Sorry Ted if you think you're getting anymore money sue me I got 4 people who were there when the bet was made and I made it clear I wasn't changing my lifestyle for you or any bet when it was made.

"So stop lying about me to people in public or I will out you for the thief and crook that you are, take care my friend, Mike."

Is this the end of the story or will things continue to heat up between the pair? What appears certain is that Forrest risked his life for about $200,000 and will not see a dime more.

Negreanu Changes Mind on Polk Challenge

You may remember that Daniel Negreanu made a bold bet that he could become a winner at $25/$50 NLH online after just two weeks of training.

He claimed to be willing to put up $1 million of his own money to back that claim up.

Following his claim, Doug "WCGRider" Polk publicly challenge Negreanu, a challenged that looked to go unanswered because Negreanu didn't want to leave the U.S. to play online for an extended amount of time.

Negreanu has apparently changed his mind a bit, maybe due to the buzz created by the challenge. He recently posted the following public offer:

"What I'm willing to do is play 50k hands ($25-$50 or higher) in one year. If I don't complete the required number of hands in year one, I would get an additional year to complete, but would be forced to sacrifice 10% of the bet. If I didn't complete the agreed upon number of hands in two years, I would lose the bet. So yes, I would bet a million on it."

This is the first time I'm putting out a public offer. I'm open to negotiation, of course, because I'd really like to take this challenge on, as long as the parameters of the bet are conducive to me playing a relaxed schedule."

This topic has received a lot of discussion over at the 2+2 Forums along with tons of suggestions regarding how to proceed. A date for when the challenge would start was not set but at least now we have a tentative commitment by Negreanu.

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