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World Poker Classic Show Trend of Online Poker

14 April 2009 , By: compncards
The Five Star World Poker Classic is currently underway in Las Vegas.   In prior years, this event has averaged between 100 and 200 players per event.   This year, Event 1,2, and 11 have broken 100 players and the rest of the events have been averaging 50 players.   The first $5,000 event drew 106 players.

The Russians are Coming!!!

1 April 2009 , By: Charlie River
The Russians are invading America and they want your money. Don't believe me? Where have you been? Watching reruns of when people actually cared about Micon? Russian poker players are now beginning to dominate the sport. Naturally, any casual poker fan knows about Ivan Demidov and his runner-up finish at the WSOP this year. He also finished 3rd in the WSOP-E Main Event.

Durrrr Dominating High Stakes Poker….NOT!

31 March 2009 , By: Charlie River
Are you as sick of hearing about durrrr as I am writing about him? For the last three months, it has been nothing but durrrr. Everyone is talking about how that "durrrr will beat Patrik", "durrrr will beat Ivey," and "durrrr may be the greatest of all time. " In the meanwhile, durrrr has barely been keeping even with Antonius. Of course, until recently, he seemed to be ducking him.

Live Poker is Rigged Too!!

4 29 March 2009 , By: compncards
Online poker is not the only type of poker that can come across as rigged. I was playing recently in an Omaha Hi-Lo game in Atlantic City that should have been Omaha 8 or Better, kings full or better for high. I played in the game for over an hour. In that hour, I had my kings full cracked by quads.