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Durrrr Not Going to the Hall of Fame but May Get Nice Consolation Prize

9 September 2009 , By: compncards
durrr 239x300
The ballot for the Poker Hall of Fame is shorter by one name and that is Tom "durrrr" Dwan. According to Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council: "With all due respect to Mr. Dwan, one of the games most exciting young players, he does not currently meet the criteria for Hall of Fame selection. We wish him well and expect he will again be considered once he has ‘stood the test of time.
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Prahlad Friedman is no Longer Karma's Bitch

27 August 2009 , By: compncards
prahlad friedman
It looks like karma has finally decided to get off Prahlad Friedman's back. After going 0 for everything since the 2006 WSOP Main Event, Friedman made his first cash in over 2 1/2 years at the 2009 WSOP Main Event. He has now won the Legends of Poker Main Event for $1 Million. Don't get me wrong, Friedman is a great player, but I never have had any respect for him since what he pulled with Jeff Lisandro.
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A Collusion Story

24 August 2009 , By: compncards
I happened to run across Hollywood Dave Stann's blog recently. I don't normally pay much attention to his blog due to not having a general interest in him, but his topic was of great interest. He was talking about how he experienced collusion in a game at the Wynn. Essentially, two guys at the table raised him out of a pot and then chopped the pot.
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Tip the Dealers

22 August 2009 , By: compncards
poker dealer 300x169
Someone recently told me that they do not tip dealers. When asking the player why, he told me that it cut too much into his profit. He then proceeded to tell me about how that at the stakes he played at, paying $1 a pot was costing him about 15 to 30 bucks a day. My first thought was "Wow, you are winning 15 to 30 pots a day?" Then I had the prescience of mind to ask what stakes he played.
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Zombie Jesus Loves You

20 August 2009 , By: compncards
zombie jesus 216x300
There isn't a lot going on regarding news in the poker world right now unless you actually give a damn that Billy Kopp got signed by UB. Instead, I thought I would comment on some really near inexplicable things I have seen lately playing live and online. I was playing heads-up in a 5 Card Draw SnG just last night and pre-draw I raised the pot, which made it around 3,000 to go. My opponent called.
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