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I Am a Poker Dinosaur

27 March 2010 , By: compncards
rawr 300x247
When most people meet me in person, most cannot believe that I am 34. Most think that at worst I am in my mid 20's. I don't "act 34" according to most. This was once again pointed out last weekend at a camp that I help out with each summer.
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Daniel Negreanu Second Best Once Again

25 March 2010 , By: compncards
carlos mortensen 200x300
Daniel Negreanu can't seem to hold onto the top spot on money lists lately. Carlos Mortensen is the new all-time money winner for the World Poker tour after taking down the Hollywood Poker Open in Lawrenceburg, IN. Where? What's next, a NAPT event in Shakopee, MN? How about moving the WSOP to Pamplin, Va. Actually, it would be funny as hell to see the WSOP in Pamplin.
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Are You a Successful Poker Player?

19 March 2010 , By: compncards
bracelets paulclark
What is a successful poker player? A couple of months back, I was talking with someone who was trying to figure out whether they were a winning player. They went into how many big blinds they had won per hour and how much money they had won and lost in different sessions. They were worried that they were wasting their time with playing poker. My first question is one that I ask anyone that is worried about bankrolls, turning pro, etc.
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Judas Iscariot the Original Poker Brat?

1 17 March 2010 , By: compncards
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*Christ:* *Iscariot: * *Peter (from the rail):* *Iscariot:* *Christ:* *Iscariot: * *Doyle Brunson (from the rail): * *Iscariot:* Iscariot then storms off to talk to one of his buddies: *Iscariot: * *Buddy: * *Iscariot: * *Buddy: * *Iscariot: * *Buddy: * *Iscariot:*.
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Tonight They're Playing Poker Like it's 1989

12 March 2010 , By: compncards
IMG 3432 300x200
Daniel Negreanu recently made a statement that PEMM wasn't going to help Phil Hellmuth play better but instead, Phil needed to employ LTPB or "Learn to Play Better. "  Well, whether it was PEMM, LTPB, or Diet Pepsi, Phil has made the final table of the Bay 101 Shooting Stars WPT Event.   He spent a good part of Thursday as the chip leader and will enter the final table 2nd in chips behind Andy Seth. Seat 1 - Hassan Habib - 455,000 Seat 2 - Phil Hellmuth - 1,433,000 Seat 3 - Andy Seth - 2,164,000 Seat 4 - Matt Keikoan - 371,000 Seat 5 - McLean Karr - 111,200 Seat 6 - Daniel O'Brien, 1,129,000 Personally, I am rooting for Phil.
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