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Hammer Time

2 30 July 2010 , By: compncards
hammer time
I’m currently in Atlantic City, NJ for a couple of days for a friend’s birthday and decided to spend today over at the casino.  At least such was the plan.   I wound up staying over there for only a couple of hours because the floor staff pissed me off, but in the meantime, I actually did quite well. One hand in particular was a prime example of why many people do not like lower limit Holdem.
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2010 WSOP Predictions - How Did I Do?

22 July 2010 , By: compncards
Christine Pietsch 200x300
The 2010 WSOP has finally wrapped up, or at least until November anyway.   We saw a lot of history made and big headline stories along the way.   I thought I would take a few moments to review some of the predictions I made a couple of days prior to the start of the Series. *Women Will Not Walk Away With Three Bracelets - Result: Push* Technically, I nailed this one based on the title, but I also said I thought that women would walk away with 2 bracelets including the Ladies Event.
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'I am Not a Bitch'

15 July 2010 , By: Melissa Castello
theo 200x300
Yesterday Theo Tran went up to a field reporter and ask that he not report anymore hands on him.  Now my field reporter friend, who we will call poofta, could care less and isn't one to feed into the ego of poker players. When Theo lingered for an awkward second my friend poofta asked the reason behind his request to break the silence. Theo said he was not happy with the way a hand was reported and it made him look like a bitch.
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D Negs on p90x and poker

13 July 2010 , By: Melissa Castello
Daniel Negreanu has been laying low this summer not having 1 drop of alcohol in 6 weeks! I don't know how he does it, especially after a rough day of poker. He is shredding up using the p90x program and shows off the new bod. He also chats poker, but eh who cares about that. [youtube]http://www.
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Hollywood Meets the Main Event

11 July 2010 , By: Melissa Castello
Romano 200x300
Celebs want to be poker players and poker players want to be celebs. Jennifer Elise Cox, best known for her work in the 1995 Brady Bunch movie, said she thinks the poker world is more glamorous than Hollywood.  Not sure if I agree with that statement but working in the media I know there are some poker divas out there. *Ray Romano* *David Allen Grier* Busto Day 2a *Hank Azaria* Still in! Day 2b *Bruce Buffer* Still in! Day 2b *Jason Alexander* Alive and kicking! Day 2b *The rest of the busto celebs:* Trishelle Cannatella, Jennifer Elise Cox, Sara Underwood, Shannon Elizabeth, and Emmitt Smith.
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