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Zombie Jesus Loves You

20 August 2009, By: compncards
zombie jesus 216x300
zombie jesus 216x300

There isn't a lot going on regarding news in the poker world right now unless you actually give a damn that Billy Kopp got signed by UB. Instead, I thought I would comment on some really near inexplicable things I have seen lately playing live and online.

I was playing heads-up in a 5 Card Draw SnG just last night and pre-draw I raised the pot, which made it around 3,000 to go. My opponent called. I drew 1 card. Anyone that knows much of anything about draw can guess my hand. Well, my opponent drew two cards. Clearly a pair with a better kicker as with his stack, he would have shoved with any other decent hand. Well, after the draw, he shoves all-in for 600. I only have 10's and 5's, but with the pot, I have to call. I call and he shows a pair of queens and then grumbles that I called with two weak pair. Oh yes, your 600 chip bet was really going to make me fold a pot of 6k. Thanks for the first place money!

Sticking with pot odds, why do some people think that you can't call with a pair in Limit Holdem. The board had three straight cards and was pair with jacks and my opponent bet out on the river. I was holding pocket kings. My opponent tried to play it like he rivered the straight. However, the pot was three bet pre-flop, bet on the flop, and two bet on the turn. Including some other dead money pre-flop, there were 10 bets in the pot. Easy call, even if I am certain I am beat. He mucked his whatever hand and I win. "How can you call there." "Learn to play better."

Why are you raising with a low? I was asked this in a stud 8 game recently. First, I had the other low drawing player boardlocked to a seven low draw and I already had a six low with a wheel draw, which I hit on seventh. On sixth, I raised with my low. After the hand, I was told that I shouldn't be raising with a low. Why? Is this omaha where I can get counterfeited? No. I'm getting more money in the pot to split, or in this case, I would have scooped most pots, but one of the opponents held a full house.

"I want to learn how to play poker. What's the best slot machine to learn that on?" I was honestly asked that question two weeks ago by a lady that plays slots. "I play the Kenny machines, so I know what the cards are, but I don't know what beats what." If she wasn't so serious, I would have laughed at her. I actually told her about video poker and that she should play that. It will be less of a bankroll drain than real poker.

Oh, and the LOL moment of this past week goes to an "escort blog" that I was reading. Her post at Easter was, "Happy Zombie Jesus Day. Think about it..."

I'm going to hell aren't I?

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