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Worst Poker Related Jobs

17 February 2010, By: compncards
jerry yang
jerry yang

What is the worst job one could have in poker? Many would think that a dealer job would be scraping the bottom of the barrel, but there may be some people at work with worse jobs.

#5. Jerry Yang's Agent

I am not certain, but I don't think this position was ever actually filled. His lack of doing....well anything in the poker world kinda negates the need for an agent.

#4. Massage Therapist

Have you seen some of these people that get massages? Can you imagine having to massage someone that is kickin' like Bruce Lee? (For those metaphorically challenged, that means he stinks.) It is a good thing they are paid well.

#3. Jamie Gold's Endorsement Agent

No prior World Champion since the Moneymaker win has had more problems with endorsements than Gold. Of course, how can you trust someone that was taken to court for trying to back out of a backing deals and screwing the backer out Millions.

#2. Poker Marriage Counselors

Poker and marriage go together about as well as a Republican at the Democratic National Convention. I wonder how many marriage counselors actually place bets on the length of marriages.

#1. Russ Hamilton's Press Agent

Could you imagine being the press agent for Russ Hamilton the day that it broke he was the head of the UB cheating scandal. I can see how the discussion went:

Press Agent: Mr. Hamilton, we need to talk.

Hamilton: I take it you have heard the news.

Press Agent: Yes, and let me say Mr. Hamilton that we have enjoyed..

Hamilton (interrupting): This is how I think we should spin this announcement..

Press Agent (interrupting): Look Mr. Hamilton, I work to try and improve people's careers. Frankly, you just fucked yours, so I am going to have to quit. I think I'll go work for Jamie Gold.

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